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LAURA's Story

I’ve suffered badly from acne since I was teenager, right the way through to my mid/late 30’s. Medication eventually improved my skin in terms of the severity and frequency of new spots appearing, but my skin was left with deep scarring from years of cystic acne, and it left me horribly self-conscious. I honestly don’t think people realise how much damage can be done to your self confidence when you suffer from acne, unless you’ve personally gone through it. I hated my skin.

When the dermatologist put me on Isotretinoin, they also suggested a referral to ‘Plastics’ to see if they could help with the scarring, especially on my forehead. For the first time in years I felt a bit hopefully about my skin, only for that to be dashed when the Plastics consultant told me, rather bluntly, that laser therapy was extremely painful and that my scarring was too deep for it make much of a difference and it therefore wasn’t worthwhile. So not only were my hopes for better skin dashed, but the doctor had brutally pointed out what I was always so self-conscious of, that the scarring was noticeable and bad. 

It took me a while to ‘get over’ what that doctor said to me. 

I’d been considering microneedling for a while, but I didn’t want to go to the expense of that treatment if it wouldn’t make a difference. Also, what if it hurt? I’m not at all good with needles. 

I decided on treatment after seeing one of Steph’s blogs promoting the potential benefits of micro needling for acne scarring. I wanted to go to someone I knew I could trust and that is 100% the case with Steph as I’ve been going to her for a couple of years now for Botox and fillers. The relationship that Steph has built up with me over this time dispelled all my fears. I knew I trusted her with my face already, so I was more than willing to finally give microneedling a go when we chatted about it at one of my other appointments.

I travel from Dunfermline in Fife to Livingston for each appointment, that tells you something about how good she is.

Is microneedling painful?

I’d read that microneedling isn’t painful, but that it isn’t sensation free. I’d say it fell somewhere in the middle for me. Some areas of my face were more a ‘sensation’ and other areas verged more towards being sore enough to need a distraction. Steph is a master at putting you at ease and at distraction techniques if something is a wee bit stingy! 

Having said that, the treatment didn’t last long and it was most certainly bearable. I had three sessions in all and I didn’t dread going back each time, so that has to say something!

Each step of the way, Steph put me at ease and always answered any questions honestly and knowledgably. She’s brilliant at what she does on a professional level, but the personal level/experience you get when you go to Steph is second to none and that is what will keep me going back. I trust her implicitly.

Moving Forward | Aesthetics By Stephanie | Livingston | Bathgate
Laura's story

Moving Forward

It’s important to stress that my scarring will never go away entirely. The purpose of the treatment for me was always to try and improve their appearance. I was always very aware of that, and I didn’t want to put too much hope in the treatment in case they weren’t as successful as I wanted them to be.

When you look at your skin in the mirror every day, it can sometimes be difficult to tell if there’s a difference. I’d lived with the scarring for so long, I almost didn’t dare to believe it could get better and I was sure I was giving myself false hope. Even when my husband and my friends would say they could see a difference, I would tell myself they were just being nice. 

It wasn’t until I saw the before and after pictures that I realised just what a difference the treatments had made. The scarring looks so much better, and I’m so so happy with the results. I’m able to look in the mirror or at a photo of myself and not immediately hate it because of my skin, has had an incredibly positive impact on my self-esteem. 

It’s not easy being a woman getting older in todays society. What Steph does helps me feel better about myself and gives me more self-confidence. So, thank you. 

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Sue's Story

To start, I think I need to set the scene.

Many years ago, I began treatment with a fully Qualified Aesthetic Practitioner who I thought would really look after me and advise on the best way to go for fillers in the lip area. After the initial consultation there was a plan put in place for fillers on the lines around the top lip and deeper ones coming down from nose area, I attended this practitioner for a number of years. I was happy to start with but a number of years later a friend of mine mentioned she thought my top lip looked very “puffy” but I didn’t really see what she meant.

Then out of the blue just before I was due to go back, for my next arranged appointment, I received a phone call stating he had sold the practice to another practitioner but he was highly qualified and a well regarded man coming from Glasgow.​

I was having a beauty treatment with my therapist and she mentioned she thought I had “migration” on my top lip and this was causing a “monkey” effect. She advised me that I may need to have the fillers dissolved and start from the beginning again, however, she wasn’t qualified to do his procedure and I should go and get this checked out. She mentioned a really great Aesthetic Practitioner that she actually went to herself.​

I thought I would go to the practice I had previously been going to first, so I made an appointment with this new gentleman. At the consultation he agreed but he thought I would need surgery, I was horrified and totally taken aback, I left the appointment in such a state, the thought of having to go through to Glasgow for an operation was extremely scary. I called my beauty therapist, we had a chat and she gave me Stephanie’s number.​

By this time I was scared stiff and wary of trusting anyone else, you hear so may bad stories and to be honest I was going through one myself!!

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Sue's story

Stepping back to go forward

I called Stephanie and explained why I was making an appointment, luckily I had requested a full copy of all the treatment I received in past.​

I was extremely nervous arriving at my appointment with Stephanie, but from the moment I walked through the door, sat down in the chair and met her I was at ease. Stephanie looked through the “bumph” I had taken, had a look at the problem and agreed she did think there was severe migration and overfilling, BUT I wasn’t going to need surgery!!​

She was absolutely amazing, explaining everything that would need to be done, what would happen, how long the whole procedure would take and what to expect after each treatment. It was a very daunting decision to make and I was so nervous and although Steph had a totally different way of working to what I was used to I totally trusted her. This was not going to be an overnight solution to make this right but we started the long journey that night.​

The treatment to dissolve the fillers were injected and Steph was happy how things were looking, even before I had left the clinic, she showed me how my lips looked and I was horrified how things had got so bad and that someone I had trusted had allowed me to get to stage. Luckily there was a saving grace; that people were still wearing face masks and I could hide my “deflated” lips. What a shock to see how my lips had been stretched in totally the wrong way!! Causing so many deep lines and wrinkles to be left behind.

I felt so low and my confidence was at rock bottom, even to the extent that I hated my hubby looking at me. You couldn’t but help that your eyes were drawn to the disaster area of my lips.

Moving Forward | Aesthetics By Stephanie | Livingston | Bathgate
Sue's story

Moving Forward

Two weeks later I was back at the clinic to start my new carefully planned and slow journey of treatment to rebuild a natural full looking shape. I was advised I would need a few sessions to get there. Steph always reassuring me at every stage.​

I had to be realistic and not expect miracles straight away, but I was happy albeit a bit impatient to see great progress. The only problem poor Steph had with myself was that I bruise very easily, and on occasions it was extensive.​

I can’t praise Steph enough, she is so very conscientious, caring and really wants the best for her clients, reassuring them if they have any concerns. On one occasion I had sent her a photo of the extent of the bruising and was really concerned something was going wrong, I didn’t realise Steph was on holiday abroad at the time but she called me to discuss the problem and asked me to contact her the next day so she could make sure everything was calming down and if need be refer me to a colleague for a check-up in person. All was good and the bruising settled down by itself.​

Along my journey Steph has suggested a few more wee “tweaks” and I have been absolutely blown away with the results. I look fresher, brighter, not so tired as she suggested dealing with the dark bags under the eye area. OMW what a difference! The old/new me was back and my confidence was back, I could hold my head up and feel great about myself.​

From the first time I met Steph I knew I was going to be in safe hands, you have her undivided attention at all times, she talks you through ideas, suggestions and really wants what’s best. You’re never made to feel like you’re on a conveyor belt.​

Steph is a very professional, caring aesthetic practitioner that takes huge pride in her work, which in turn makes you feel special. I would recommend Steph to anyone wishing to go ahead with any treatment. There is another reason you would go to her, she will not do any treatment just for the sake of it, e.g. if its “over” filling lips and not in your best interests she would advise you that’s not something she will do.

Thank you very much for helping me through a scary, traumatic time Steph.​

Until the next time, see you soon.

Sue x

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Jacqui's Story

I had skin cancer 18 years ago that required a skin graft on my face, contributing in my self esteem and confidence hitting rock bottom. I probably should have got treatment years ago, but the fear of the unknown can be very powerful. As aesthetics is fairly new I worried what effect it would have in my future years.​

A colleague recommended Stephanie a number of years ago and now the rest is history. Together, we devised a treatment plan that focussed heavily on enhancing my other features. Fillers have made me feel 10 years younger and by restoring volume to my lips, I’ve regained the shape to my smile, what’s not to like about feeling a million dollars. Thanks to Stephanie, I’ve slowly rebuilt my self esteem.​

Going to Steph has been a very positive experience. The treatment room is beautiful as well as spotless; you want to feel as relaxed as possible. Stephanie is so lovely, she explains everything and puts you at ease. Before and after treatments, the service is second to none.

The whole experience is magical, the before and after procedures take your breath away, no better investment for your self esteem and confidence. Book the treatments you deserve to feel special every time you catch yourself in the mirror, money can buy that confidence boost you’ve been longing for.

Jacqui'S Testimonial
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Over the last few years, I have felt my aging process accelerate which has greatly affected my overall confidence. I began to notice that I would avoid getting my photograph taken and wanted to take action.​

Decision made, so what was stopping me? FEAR! I think the media has managed to focus on the aesthetic disasters and these images help fuel anxieties around any procedures. Also, the cost in this area you really do pay for what you get and I am unwilling to compromise with quality service so it took me a while to save.​

After months of researching practitioners, I came across Aesthetics by Stephanie. I think that the less qualified professionals seem to flood the social media space as their clients don’t mind being photographed. Steph’s work is all natural and subtle, clients want to keep their privacy so this means not many of us like photos being posted. I like to pretend I look this way naturally!​

Steph being a dentist meant her knowledge of the face was extensive, she trained in Harley Street and uses top quality products.​

What can I say about Aesthetics By Stephanie, fabulous, professional and friendly. Steph took time to explain the treatment and she made suggestions that were informed and valued. She was more than happy to arrange a follow up too, if there are any issues which is reassuring.

I am still in the settling period so can’t yet comment on the impact the treatment has had but I’m excited to see the final result.

Louise'S Testimonial
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I wanted to gain more confidence in the way I look. Small shallow lines had become deep ones that drove me crazy when wearing make up. By the middle of the day my make up would sit in these creases and they’d become more noticeable, making my skin look aged and uneven. Also, after having my first child, the shape of my face changed quite a bit; it became even rounder from gaining extra weight, I lost volume in areas that would usually give your face some definition.​

Finding the right clinic was always going to be critical, but how do you find a medically established person when there were so many non-medical people out there carrying out injectables which gave me the fear and I would just never go there, and where can I get the treatment information I wanted, its a minefield out there?

I had researched and also even tried a couple of clinics before and at the same time as Aesthetics by Stephanie and I can hands down say I felt I had the best results and was the most comfortable I’ve felt in all my experiences with Steph. I’ve walked out previous clinics feeling intimidated, like nothing was even done to my face and ripped off!​

It can be scary, especially the first time getting new treatments, however I’ve always felt a sense of welcoming, calmness and professionalism and the treatments here are, in my opinion, very reasonably priced. Steph is always so pleasant and will always make sure you’re feeling calm/ comfortable prior to, during and after treatment (nerves get the better of me at times). The clinic is clean and it’s nice to see training/medical certifications displayed, gives me a feeling of confidence that I’m in the right hands.​

I’m absolutely delighted with my results every time, have never been disappointed or felt the need for more or less filler, it’s spot on for me every time. I always leave the clinic feeling fab.

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Back in 2016 going through several personal issues resulted in me losing lots of weight. By the time I’d got to 2017 I still looked a little gaunt so I decided to have my nasolabial folds filled, which did wonders for my confidence and appearance. More recently, I wanted to give myself a little boost in confidence and general wellbeing. I’ll normally have Botox before a holiday abroad just so I’m looking great when I’m away.​

I’ve been having cosmetic treatments for several years, 2017 (filler), 2018 (Botox) and 2021 (Lips and Botox). So why the big gap between treatments you may ask? I guess the main reason was simply the cost. Sometimes its’ just a little beyond my reach to have a procedure more often, but now my circumstances have changed, having a few bits done has made me feel much better in myself and given me the push I needed to reach my personal goals.

Going to Steph has always been a very positive experience and I’m always made to feel at ease. I get myself a little wound up before a procedure, especially one I’ve never had before, as in my mind I always think it’s going to hurt but it never does and then I’m always pleasantly surprised by the time it’s finished. I was terrified about having my lips done! but they look insanely good! As people keep telling me :-)​

Steph is always cool and calm with her clients and very down to earth too. I have recommended Steph to three people who are wanting their lips filled as they seen the results | got with mine and think they look great.​

The treatment changes everything for me when I have it done. I feel like I gain my confidence back and a little self belief too. She just makes me feel amazing and I can never sleep in the run up to my treatment as I’m always so excited!

Chris' Testimonial
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I have always had an interest in Aesthetics as a profession from being a nurse myself and being surrounded with people that are involved in work around this area of practice.

I have had wrinkle relaxing injections to prevent my skin ageing through developing fine lines, and fillers to give a better balance on the size of my lips for my face and to also promote some more confidence in my appearance.​

Steph came highly recommended to me by family and friends and I have kept coming back for more due to her professionalism, friendliness and honesty. Always having

my best interests at the forefront of any procedure and ensuring the ratios of lips, for example, fits with the overall look of my face.

​Steph’s knowledge and skills in her practice are clear to see, you really can tell she spends time actively seeking to enhance her practice through additional courses to ensure safety and satisfaction of her patients.​

Each time I visit the clinic it is a calm and welcoming atmosphere. Steph makes an effort to get to know you as a person, not just as a client which is a nice person centred approach! As a result, I’ve even referred my friends to come too!

Visiting the clinic has really helped me feel more confident with how I look and made me less self-conscious about my appearance. I look forward to visiting each time.

Ryan'S Testimonial
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I had started to see a real negative difference in my skin, which was so difficult to accept. To make things worse, each time I looked in the mirror, I saw an older person.​

I had always avoided cosmetic treatment due to the stigma and perception. I have now realised that is because so many young people have treatment when it is really not necessary, it’s just something that lives within our society these days.​

Cost was another big factor that I considered, knowing that there was a chance my treatment was never going to be just a one off. It was important to decide whether the investment was going to give the return.​

Stephanie was recommended to me by a friend and I truly haven’t been disappointed. She has always given her honest opinion and has kept my expectations realistic. I have always found it reassuring that she doesn’t just offer treatments to everyone, especially when it is not required.

Flexible appointments, bespoke packages and all the little personal touches mount up to a great experience for clients, and ultimately that’s what we’re after!​

My treatment has been fairly subtle so far, but as I gain more confidence, I can see that the treatment I have in my plan will help me regain that feeling I want –


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Wendy's Story

I started to notice those lines and changes which happen over time and got to a point that I wanted to see what was available to help minimise the things I wasn’t happy about.

Before embarking on any treatment I had to first get over the usual hurdles I guess everyone goes though; the fear of the unknown and what would could go wrong, not to mention that aesthetics treatment are expensive, would it be worth it?​

I can confirm that it definitely was!​

So how to move forward? Well, I looked for someone that was local, clearly had the experience to answer my questions and whose prices for their range of treatments and combination of packages were competitive.​

I settled on Aesthetic by Stephanie and my experience has been hugely positive, I can’t speak highly enough of Steph, with her professional background and approach, the welcoming treatment area, she puts clients at ease by explaining the stages in treatment as well as aftercare.​

As for my results, I feel more confident in myself, less daunted about the signs of ageing, feel more in control. The only downside is that I want to try even more different treatments as Steph achieves great things!

Wendy'S Testimonial
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Linsey's Story

After years of suffering from wrinkles on my forehead, it was time to make a change – I took the plunge and had them sorted with Botox. After all this time, why hadn’t I done something sooner? Honestly, I have no real reason for this other than procrastination. I kept saying I would do it and never got around to it. Now that I’ve started my treatments, I’m a regular! I’ll never allow myself to go back to where I was.​

With so many beauty clinics and others providing facial aesthetics treatments, why did I settle for Stephanie? Simply put, I was recommended to Stephanie from a good number of people. I think the fact that she is so professional speaks volumes and puts you right at ease.​

From the online booking, to the thorough consultation, the professional advice and kindness, my overall was uplifting, reassuring and left me with a new sense of confidence that can’t be described.​

I guess if you are reading this, you are thinking, what impact has the treatment had on me? My treatment has changed my whole character. I can smile happily knowing that my wrinkles aren’t creasing and my gummy smile isn’t showing. Even if no one knows I’ve had a thing done, I do and I’ve had compliments regarding my glow.​

I would 100% recommend Aesthetics by Stephanie and have already done so to many people. I have 100% confidence when recommending her and knowing my friends and family will be pleased with the outcome. Thank you for everything you have done for me Stephanie, I will always be a client of yours.

Wendy'S Testimonial