My Fat Dissolving Journey (So Far!)

My Fat Dissolving Journey | Aesthetics by Stephanie | Livingston | Bathgate

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Fat Dissolving Background

2020 has been a crazy year, hasn’t it? Who could ever have imagined back in January we would be sitting here in November trying to work out ways to see our loved ones at Christmas and if we’ll ever be allowed to hug someone again?

The global pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have affected everyone in many different ways, parents struggling to work from home whilst entertaining toddlers or homeschooling tweenagers, others on furlough or left in limbo not knowing what to do with themselves or how they will be able to pay their bills.

As for me, my aesthetics clinic was closed, and I was unable to see dental patients face to face, so I found myself in a position where for the first time since maternity leave 10 years ago, I was off work with no holiday to go on and no tiny baby to keep alive. The girls are now, for the most part, pretty responsible and took to their virtual classrooms incredibly well leaving me a lot of time for myself in between telephone triage calls to my dental patients. So, what to do?

For many years I have yo-yo’d with my weight, always telling myself I have plenty of time before that big night out, or the beach holiday, then frantically trying every fad diet under the sun to lose a few pounds in the month before summer (haven’t we all?) This time, there was no holiday to get in shape for, at least not until summer 2021 (fingers and toes crossed) so I thought, instead of leaving it to the last minute, why not try the ‘slow and steady wins the race’ approach?

Decision made, I invested in some comfy new trainers and went outside. I walked at least once every day and started running several times a week. I cut out the snacks and limited the alcohol, and eventually, lost 21lbs and was in the best shape I’d been in for 10 years – Fantastic! However, nothing was shifting that muffin top! I was frustrated, I was despondent. All that hard work and I still felt unhappy with my figure. Clothes weren’t as tight, that’s true, but those little bulges were making me feel like everything I had worked so hard to achieve was in vain. I needed to try something more.

For a long time I had wanted to introduce Fat Dissolving treatments to my clinic, but there always seemed to be something getting in the way – training dates clashing, financial constraints, time, Covid-19! Over the years I’ve gotten to know my clients very well and just knew this would be something they would appreciate me being qualified in. Amazingly, a training opportunity arose in Central Scotland and I jumped at the chance of getting on board. I paid for the course, completed the theory and then practical sessions on my model and was good to go.

Lightbulb moment – I was now in the position to compliment my weight loss with some much needed targeted fat loss, so I decided to give Deso a try, because really, it’s only fair that I sample the treatments I’m offering to my clients, right? 😉

I had my first session at the beginning of October, the areas to be treated were marked out and I was injected with some local anaesthetic to make the treatment as comfortable as possible. Next, the Deso Body solution was injected using an intralipotherapy needle, which is a long flexible needle which allows greater areas to be treated using only one injection. The whole procedure was almost painless, only on a couple of occasions did I feel a slight twinge, then within minutes, it was complete.

The aftercare instructions were very simple; wear a compression garment (Bridget jones pants!) and massage the areas every day if possible as it helps with the breakdown and excretion of the fat cells.

Over the next hour or so, the areas started to go red and felt warm to the touch and I could definitely feel a hardness under the skin so it was easy to tell where most massage was required. These are all completely normal and expected reactions as the product starts to get to work on the fat cells.

That night I felt a bit uncomfortable in bed as I tend to lie on my side and the areas by this point were swollen and feeling bruised. By the morning, the bruising was visible, and to touch it felt tender. I would compare it to tender muscles after a gruelling gym session. I was able to go about my day as normal, and although you could still see the bruising, the swelling started to subside by the end of the second day. For me, all bruising and tenderness had eased by the end of the first week, and my second session was scheduled for mid-November.

Deso Treatment Bruising | Aesthetics By Stephanie | Livingston | Bathgate

t has now been almost 2 weeks since my second session (usually for body areas like this, 3 sessions are necessary). I found this procedure just as easy and pain-free as the first time, however, the post-op tenderness is taking a little longer to resolve this time. I know this is due to the fact that we upped the dosage of Deso Body used this time, in my first session we were a little more conservative than needed so I am excited to see how much more benefit I will get with this session compared to last time.

What progress have I made?

It’s still early days, so impossible to tell until I’m completely finished. Mind you, I already feel a big difference in my underwear, it’s not digging in as much as it used to and I don’t see as much flesh bulging over the top of my jeans.

This treatment definitely isn’t a quick fix or magic cure, and the activist in me wishes I could fast forward to 6 weeks after my final treatment so I can see the complete results right now! Still, I knew when I went on this body transformation journey that anything that claims fast results is never likely to be sustainable long term. I am slowly accepting that patience is key and if I behave myself, this fat loss is permanent, how amazing is that?!

I’ll make sure to keep you all updated as my journey continues and I’m happy to answer any questions you have about my treatment, just leave a message in the comments.

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2 months ago

Hi! I know this was a few years ago, but what were the results after 6 weeks of your 3rd session of desobody?
I had my first injections yesterday, top of butt, so wonder how others got on. Thanks!

Last edited 2 months ago by Bea
Reply to  Bea
1 month ago

Unfortunately we went back into lockdown again before I was able to get my 3rd session! By the time the world went back to normal I was so busy I never ended up getting a chance to complete it so I couldn’t say how it would’ve turned out if I had I’m afraid!

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