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Masseter Botox Treatment

Relieve symptoms of teeth clenching or grinding

Masseter Botox Treatment

At A Glance

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Procedure Time

20 minutes

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1 plus consultation

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Treatment Recovery


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Duration of Results

12 weeks

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Back To Work

Same day

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Risk & COmplication


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Medically qualified

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Masseter Botox Treatment

Treatment description

Masseter Botox refers to the use of Botox injections into the masseter muscle, which is one of the muscles responsible for chewing and is located at the angle of the jaw. It can provide relief from temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders and bruxism (teeth grinding). These conditions can cause pain, headaches, and wear on the teeth. By relaxing the masseter muscle, Botox injections can reduce the muscle activity that contributes to these issues, offering patients significant relief from discomfort and preventing further dental damage.

This treatment can also slim the appearance of the jawline, creating a more V-shaped or heart-shaped face and can particularly benefit patients with a square jawline or those looking for facial contouring without surgery.


Botox in the masseter is typically used to:

Manage teeth grinding
Reduce jaw tension, pain, and clenching
Relieve headaches
Contour a square jaw
Create a balanced face shape



Botulinum Toxin type A is the most common form of botox used in cosmetic procedures. However, not everyone is a suitable candidate. Generally speaking, patients need to be at least 18 years.


The consultation will come after you’ve decided to have a Masseter (Botox) treatment and have looked into the background, education, and credentials of the aesthetic practitioner. The consultation is crucial because it gives you and us the chance to ask some crucial questions. We will need to know your complete medical history, the reason(s) you are seeking a Botox treatment, the area of concern, and the goals you have.

You will be required to sign a consent form that we will go over with you. Patients typically have a lot of questions, with their main concerns being the different types of Botox treatments that are available and their effects.

As the consultation process serves as the foundation for everything that follows, it is imperative that you clarify any issues you are unsure of during this time.

Masseter Botox Treatment | Aesthetics By Stephanie | Livingston | Bathgate

Masseter Botox Treatment

Patient reviews

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5 Star Tan Icon | Aesthetics By Stephanie

I went to Steph recently for wrinkle relaxer. This is my first time getting anything like this done, so I was a little nervous but Steph put me at ease straightaway. She explains everything in such great detail and her treatment room is immaculate. I can already start to see the results and I’m certain I’ll be back for more!

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5 Star White Icon | Aesthetics By Stephanie

As always, Steph did what she does best. Doesn’t change how you look but enhances what you have and makes you feel like a million dollars. She is meticulous and I genuinely wouldn’t go anywhere else, she is one of the best!

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5 Star Tan Icon | Aesthetics By Stephanie

Thank you so much Stephanie for the detailed consultation which is so refreshing. Instantly felt at ease & happy with the treatment plan we agreed to. Loving the results so far & will 100% be back for future treatments. Trusted you straight away & really appreciate you taking the time to explain the best options for me & sharing your knowledge!

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Masseter Botox Treatment | Aesthetics By Stephanie | Livingston | Bathgate

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Our Livingston clinic is open all year round with the exception of public holidays. You can contact the clinic at any time by call, text or email for out-of-hours advice on your facial aesthetics treatments and any subsequent emergency treatment if required.

We endeavour to answer all enquiries within 24 hours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Results from botox are not linear, you will see the most profound effects for the first 8 weeks, then the effects will gradually start to diminish over the following weeks.

Results vary from person to person but most clients return roughly every 4 months


Aesthetics By Stephanie | Botox Timeline

Getting Botox is nothing to worry about and it’s our goal to keep our clients looking as natural as possible.

Before any treatment, we would get you in for a free consultation to review what you were after and to answer any questions that you may have.

It is best to leave 24 hours before heading to the pool or gym

Botox can take 2 weeks to fully settle in. If, at this time, you feel any area requires adjustment or topping up, then book in for a free review.

This is best carried out between 2-3 weeks after initial treatment.

The beauty of botox is that if you feel you don’t like it, it will wear off eventually without any long term effects and you’d not need to get it done again.

Botox may worsen your condition and you are better to wait until you are symptom free.

Over time, the ingredients in Botox break down into harmless chemicals called amino acids. The broken-down parts are either used to make other proteins or are thrown away by the kidneys. So, Botox either leaves your body completely or is turned into a safe form.

Stopping won’t hurt you in any way. There are no bad or harmful results. To put it simply, your muscles won’t be as loose. No matter how long you had Botox injections, you will still be able to move the area completely.

When the Botox wears off, the neurotransmitters cause the facial muscles to contract again, which causes the wrinkles to come back. As Botox slowly wears off, wrinkles like forehead lines, frown lines between the brows, and crow’s feet start to show up again.

But, and this is important, you might not look older than you did before. In fact, you might look younger.

Botox has a preventive effect, which means that in addition to treating wrinkles, it can also help stop them from appearing. When you use your facial muscles too much, you get dynamic wrinkles. Overusing the muscles that make you frown, laugh, etc. can cause wrinkles that get deeper and bigger over time. Because of this, they stay on your face even when you don’t smile or frown.

Botox injections, on the other hand, make the facial muscles weak for a short time. And, like all other muscles, the muscles get weaker and smaller when they aren’t used for a long time. So, if you get Botox injections regularly, the wrinkles that come with ageing will go away for good. Because of this, Botox injections can help you look younger for longer even if you don’t have wrinkles.


This is an important question to ask before committing to a treatment regimen. In general, Botox treatments are considered safe when administered by a qualified professional. However, as with any medical procedure, there are possible side effects and risks associated with Botox injections.

Longer term health concerns are incredibly rare but may include eyelid drooping if injected too close to the eye area, muscle weakness due to migration of the toxin away from its intended target area, skin infection at the injection site, difficulty speaking or swallowing after receiving injections near your throat muscles, and vision problems due to nerve damage caused by accidental injection into an artery supplying blood to your eyes.

If you experience any serious adverse effects after having Botox injections it is essential that you seek medical attention immediately.

Masseter Botox Treatment

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