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Hyperhydrosis Treatment

Stay fresh and dry with the market leading solution for excessive sweating


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Procedure Time

30 minutes

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1 plus consultation

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Duration of Results

6 – 9 months

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Same day

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Hyperhydrosis Treatment

Treatment description

Excessive sweating or hyperhydrosis is a common problem for men and women and can significantly affect a person’s life.

Botulinum Toxin (Botox) is administered in the armpits via a series of injections to prevent the sweat glands from producing excessive sweat. The treatment takes approximately 30 minutes.

Retreatment is typically needed in approximately six months. Over time, however, patients can go longer between treatments.

You can continue your daily routine after the treatment and there is no recovery time needed.

Hyperhydrosis Treatment | Aesthetics By Stephanie | Livingston | Bathgate

Hyperhydrosis Treatment

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Hyperhydrosis Treatment

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Hyperhydrosis Treatment

Patient reviews

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Excellent service! Very professional and lovely clinic to visit. Stephanie clearly knows her stuff, which makes you feel very at ease and in the safest hands.

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Linda H

I’m delighted again after my second appointment with Stephanie.

Stephanie is so sensitive, kind and professional and understands that I want a natural look. I feel totally at ease and confident with my treatment in her comfortable and immaculate clinic. Another very positive experience for me.

Thank you so much Stephanie.

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Amanda L

Stephanie is amazing! Super professional, excellent advice and reassurance. Would highly recommend her to anyone. Just brilliant xx

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Hyperhydrosis Factsheet | Aesthetics By Stephanie | Livingston | Bathgate

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Frequently Asked Questions

The results of Botox for underarm hyperhydrosis tend to last longer the more treatments you have with the results of the initial treatment lasting for around 6 months. Some patients have returned with the effects lasting for only 4 months, whereas others have said they lasted for up to a year. When you’ve been having the treatment for a number of years, the results may begin to last up to 18 months at a time.

The short answer is, not really.

For most, the discomfort or pain when having underarm hyperhydrosis treated with Botox is mild. Even without pain relief, the procedure is very bearable, as it is quite quick and the injections are relatively superficial.

Hyperhydrosis Treatment

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