Covid-19 Vaccine: Will My Fillers Swell If I Get It?

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Being a frontline healthcare worker, I have been one of the lucky ones to already have my first vaccine dose. I was excited to receive it and luckily didn’t suffer any ill effects other than a dead arm for 24 hours.

However, more noticeable side effects have been experienced by a minority of the population, including flu like symptoms such as aches and pains, and, of more interest to facial aesthetics, swelling of existing and new dermal filler. The big question is – should you be worried, and would this put you off either having the vaccine or future dermal filler treatment?

The short answer is no, but let me explain why.

Of the 13,000 people in the Moderna vaccine trials, only 3 individuals experienced some swelling. It is not known at this stage whether they were the only people in the study who have filler treatment (unlikely) and in all 3 instances the effects resolved without further complications.

It should also be noted that any viral infection can illicit an inflammatory response, even the common cold. This is because the body produces inflammatory cells to the attack and in the case of dermal fillers, they can occasionally hold onto this inflammation for some time before the body resets and the swelling resolves. This is therefore not a drug reaction between the vaccine and the filler, but response in the filler to inflammation.

There are drugs available, such as antihistamines and steroids, to help manage adverse effects, however where possible it is better to allow the reaction to run it course naturally. In particular, the use of steroids following delivery of the vaccine has been shown to reduce its effectiveness, so I would only advocate their use in severe cases.

The main take home message in all of this is really just “don’t panic!” The chances of a reaction making your fillers swell is very low, if it does occur it is likely to be mild and will resolve without intervention, but there is treatment available should it be deemed necessary.

I absolutely don’t believe it should put you off getting future filler treatment, and if the vaccine is offered to you, you should definitely take it. I don’t know about you but I am thoroughly fed up with this latest lockdown and would do anything to help the country get back to some form of normality!

I know this is a worrying time for everyone, but I am more than happy to speak directly to any of you who want to ask any questions of discuss any concerns you may have. During lockdown I can also arrange video consultations to prepare for future treatments, simply email ( or send me a message on WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram.

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